Hunger Games: Character Assignment

  • Dynamic Character: Katniss Everdeen is a dynamic chacter because she shows change through the story. In the beginning Katniss is an independent person, only relying on Gale sometimes. By the end of Hunger Games though she learns that it is not a bad thing to rely on other people. She also finds out that she loves Gale and Peeta, by the end of the book, compared to when she loved no one in the beginning. All though Katniss is not my favorite charcter she does play a big role in Hunger Games.
  • Static Character:Peeta Mellark is a static charcter because he shows no change through out the story. He stays that down to earth person through out the entire book. Peeta also said that he wouldn't let the capitol change him and he stayed true to his word.Peeta also plays a big part in the Hunger Games.
  • Round Character: Katniss Everdeen is also a round charcter because we know what she is thinking and feeling through the entire story.Since Katniss is the main charcter. We know her feelings. For example, when she sees Peeta has joined the carrers. She felt hurt and angry of being betrayed.
  • Flat Character: Prim Everden is a flat charcter because she helps the story along. We don't know much about Prim except that everyone loves her, she's just a wonderful person. She helps the plot along because when Katniss was in the arena Katniss thinks of her and what Prim would do if she was not there to take care of her. So thats what keeps Katniss going during the Games.

Great job, Celeste....I especially liked your static character explanation....well supported! A+